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Carpenter's Cambridge 2009

'Carpenter's Cambridge' - Saturday, September 19th, 2009

The Edward Carpenter Forum is pleased to announce a day at Cambridge on Saturday, September 19, 2009

The ten years that Edward Carpenter spent at Cambridge (1864-1874) brought him into formative contact with the radicals Henry and Millicent Fawcett, with eminent Christian Socialist F.D.Maurice, and with intellectual influences as diverse as the republicanism of Mazzini and the idealism of Plato's Phaedrus. Cambridge saw also his first love affair, and the momentous encounter with Walt Whitman's poetry, ultimately proving a time of crisis and transformation that would lead him far from academia.

In later years his link with Cambridge continued through friendships with E.M.Forster, Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, Roger Fry and Charles Ashbee.

The day will include a visit to Trinity Hall College, where Carpenter studied, and to St. Edwards' Church, where he served as priest.

In the afternoon we shall follow the river out to Granchester and 'the Orchard' tearooms made famous by poet Rupert Brooke.

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