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Carpenter's Leeds 2010

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‘Edward Carpenter’s Leeds’  - Saturday September 4th 2010.



Edward Carpenter came to Leeds in 1874, fresh from Cambridge, and as a new lecturer of the University Extension Scheme. His relationship to the city, and the friendships that he made there, remained an important part of his life.

The event will introduce:

Charles Oates - Carpenter’s Cambridge comrade and son of a wealthy Leeds family. Carpenter visited their home, and Oates proved his closest confident.

Tom Maguire - Poet, photographer and singer, from Leeds Irish Catholic community, Maguire worked, suffered and wrote for the Socialist cause.

The Ford Sisters – their Leeds home at Adel Grange was a centre for radicals and a refuge for Carpenter, the feminist Isabella becoming his lasting friend.

Alf Mattison - the engineer and trade union organiser from Leeds, who was a lifelong friend and intimate of the Millthorpe circle. It was ‘little Alf’ who captured some of the most iconic photographs of Carpenter, and whose important collection of Carpenter material is housed at the Brotherton Library.

Our day will begin at 10.30am at the Brotherton Library, with an introduction and the chance to view items from the Mattison Collection. Our day will continue outside, with the afternoon spent walking on a tour of various sites connected with Carpenter.

To express your interest in the event please contact John Peirce at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Places are limited to 30 people.

For those travelling from a distance, there is the option of accommodation together at the conveniently situated Leeds University residence Clarence Dock (single rooms and shared facilities in a unit of 5) at the reasonable rate of £21.50 per night. The University is requiring us to confirm how many units we wish to take – so please contact John Peirce ASAP to reserve a place.

For those who wish, and who have the time to spare, there may be the chance to visit some additional places of interest further afield on the Friday or the Sunday – including the graves of Tom Maguire and of the Fords, and Mill Hill Chapel which connects to Carpenter and Transcendentalism through Channing (Friday only).