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Based on the bibliography published in My Days and Dreams, 1916, with additions. 

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E. C.: The Man and his Message.  Pp. 40.    With two portraits.   By Tom Swan.    Manchester, 1901. 
Second edition, 1902.
Third Edition.  London, Fifield, 1905.
Fourth  edition, 1910.
E. C.: Poet and Prophet. By Ernest Crosby. 50 pp.
Second edition, Fifield,1905.
The Gospel according to E. C. By G. H. Ferris. In two chapters.
Article in the New Age, April 23 and 30, 1896.
Three Modern Seers (Hinton, Nietzsche, and E.C.). With  Portraits. By Mrs. Havelock Ellis.  London, Stanley Paul, 1910.
Poet and Prophet. Expositions of and quotations from his works. Pp. 300. In Japanese script. By Ishikawa Sanshiro. Yokohama, 1912,
E.C.: an Exposition and an Appreciation. By Edward Lewis. Pp. 310. With Portrait.    London, Methuen, 1915.
Modern Science.  A reprint in English of Leo  Tolstoy's Introduction to that Essay.    Published by Wm. Reeves, Charing Cross Road, London.
E. C. and his Message. By Leonard D. Abbott in the International Socialist Review, Chicago, November 1,1900.
E. C. ein Sanger der Freiheit und des Voltes.  Von Pierre Ramus, verlag Schouteten.    Brussels, 1910.
E. C. et sa Philosophic.  Par M. Senard. Libr. de 1'Art Independant, Paris, 1914.
All Manner of Folk. By Holbrook Jackson.   Chapter on E. C.  London, Grant Richards, 1912.